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Friendship Pharmacy LTC was born out of the need for a technologically progressive pharmacy partner with the customer service of a small family oriented bussiness.  We are a family team and these are our members. 

Frank R. Rubino, RPh

Frank R. created Friendship Pharmacy, LTC in 2005.  Currently he is the CEO of Friendship Pharmacy, INC and Friendship Pharmacy, LTC.

Francis Al. Rubino, PharmD

Francis is the current Director of Pharmacy Services for Friendship Pharmacy, LTC.

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Anthony Rubino, PharmD

Anthony is the Executive Vice President of Friendship Pharmacy, INC.

Barbara Rubino

Barbara is the Vice President of Accounts Receivable for Friendship Pharmacy, INC and Friendship Pharmacy, LTC.


Sandi Griffaton

Sandi is the lead Medication Management Technician responsible for Friendship Pharmacy, LTC's Multi-Dose Program.  

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