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Our Services


We become your institutional pharmacy department. A trusted partner rather than another vendor.


Our processes and systems provide access to medications quickly.

Cost Containmnt

Your bottom line and ours are inexplicably linked and as such our services reduce your costs. 


Pharmacy is more than providing medications.  Our staff and consultant pharmacists ensure your compliance with local and state regulations.


When we partner with a SNF or ALF community we strive to become a trusted pharmacy provider and integral member of the team by providing the best customer service possible.  We ensure that delivery times are met and costs are contained through unique programs only available through Friendship Pharmacy LTC. 

Investment Chart


We offer revolutionary automated on-site dispensing with all of the benefits of an in-house pharmacy without the large footprint.  Through our automation and associated systems almost all of the medications needed for an admission are at the nurses' fingertips. Our processes and systems still offer communities who are not large enough to sustain automation the efficiency they are longing for.


Cost containment

We understand the financial challenges that face the long term care communities of today and we keep that at the forefront of our services.  As your pharmacy partner we manage your costs and ensure that they are kept as low as possible through a number of proprietary strategies we employ as our business standard.

Stock Exchange
Cost Containment


Our staff pharmacists are trained in geriatric pharmacy practice standards and proficient in clinically screening drug orders for safety.  The consultant pharmacist is an incredibly useful resource; especially recently with the passage of the Impact Act and ours is one of the best.  We perform clinical checks on every admission, monthly, and upon request.

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