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On-Site Dispensing

We offer a customized on-site dispensing model scaled to our partners' size in addition to traditional dispensing. 

We utilize different automation solutions but our largest model features the Swisslog InSite and Omnicell XT Cabinets in combination.



The InSite, by Swisslog Healthcare, packages medications in a multi-dose pouch for each nursing shift each day.

The multi-dose pouch saves nurses time versus traditional blister cards.

Daily dispensing saves the community wasted doses from discontinuation/discharge.


Omnicell offers a variety of cabinet solutions but we prefer the XT models.

The XT enables us to have over 600 different medications on site and available to nursing staff within minutes.

Omnicell software also enables the security to maintain controlled and high priced medications on site without worry of diversion or cost issues.

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